In Pictures: Sintra Tram 3’s refurbishment

The recent Gallery on Portugal’s Sintra Tram has led to some correspondence on this line (if you ever see anything that interests you on the website we love to hear from you!) including news of a relatively recent refurbishment of one of the trams which operates on the 13km between Sintra and Praia das Macas. The tram is no. 3, another of the Brill built trams.

No. 3 is a closed 2 axle motor car, built in 1903 by Brill. It underwent a thorough refurbishment around 2017 with both the interior and exterior of the tram treated to make it look almost as good as new. The tram retained its red livery following this work and is now a regular performer on the line once more.

And a correction to the gallery. Sintra Tram runs on a gauge of 1000mm whereas Lisbon is 900mm. Apologies for any confusion caused!

The newly refurbished 3 is seen here in 2018.

The interior of 3 also seen in 2018. The high quality work that has gone into its refurbishment is clear to see here.

And if you were in any doubt of how much work had gone into the interior refurbishment here is 3 seen in 2004. (All Photographs by Geoffrey Ryder)

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