In Preview: Seaton Tramway reopens

Its been over three months since a heritage tram last ran in passenger service but that period of closure will be ended on Saturday 4th July when the Seaton Tramway becomes the first line to reopen. But with Covid-19 restrictions still in place, albeit not as severe as before, the tramway will not be what we have been used to before with various changes in operating practices to allow full social distancing to be put into practice.

When does the Seaton Tramway reopen?

Saturday 4th July

What service will be running?

The yellow timetable will run until further notice. This will see trams every 30 minutes between Seaton and Colyton. Trams run from 1000 until 1600 only. Four trams will be used each day.

What trams will be available for service?

8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15 and 16 have been prepared for service giving plenty of weather variety!

Will there be any special events?

No. The tram service noted above will be running but all special events are cancelled although it is planned the Polar Express from November will run.

How will the service operate?

A number of changes to operating practices have been announced, including:

* Face covering must be worn on board the trams (except for those exempt by government guidelines)

* Passengers will be assigned a seat number when boarding the tram and must remain in that seat for the complete journey

* There will be floor markings and one way systems to allow social distancing to be put into practice

* At Colyton trams will be boarded at the south end of the platform (the opposite end to normal and away from where trams terminate)

* Sneeze guards have been installed at tills

* Hand sanitising stations have been installed at all entrance and exits

* A temporary record of visitor contact details will be taken to aid with track and trace. These will be held securely for 21 days.

Full details of Seaton Tramway’s Covid response can be found at

There is no doubt that it will be a different experience but Seaton Tramway is set to reopen on Saturday 4th July – will it be a trailblazer for more to follow?

* Don’t forget the Crich Tramway Village reopens on Saturday 11th July and Beamish on Thursday 23rd July.

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