Details announced for next area of Supertram rail replacement

We are now fast approaching Area 2 of Stagecoach Supertram’s rail replacement programme for 2020 with the work around White Lane due to get underway from Saturday 6th June. This means that there will be further changes to the temporary timetables running on Supertram from this date, although as was the case in the current phase of works no specific replacement bus service will be put on for passengers.

This period of works is due to take place between 6th June and 24th July and will be in the vicinity of White Lane. Because of overhead isolation it won’t be possible for any trams to run beyond Gleadless Townend throughout this period. The service plan for this period is as follows:

Blue Route: Malin Bridge to Gleadless Townend only

Purple Route: Cathedral to Gleadless Townend on Saturday 7 June only

Yellow Route: Meadowhall to Middlewood on the current temporary timetable

Tram-Train: Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate on the current temporary timetable

At the time of typing only the planned revised Blue and Purple route timetables for the first weekend have been published and these will see a mainly half hourly service on the Blue Route on Saturday 6th June and a hourly service on Sunday 7th June whilst the Purple Route only runs on Sunday 7th June with a tram every hour – there will be no Purple Route trams on the Saturday.

Whilst there will be no replacement buses passengers on the Blue route are being directed to various service buses including service 120, 8, 50, 53, 80a and 252. No alternative arrangements are being put in place for the Purple route.

The revised timetable – and further information on the works – can be downloaded from the Stagecoach Supertram website.

Two further areas of work are due to take place in 2020 – which is the last year of the current rail replacement programme – with area 3 in the Gleadless Townend, Ridgeway Road, Manor Top and Spring Lane curve vicinity from 25th July to 1st September and area 4 around Crystal Peaks from 2nd September to 25th September.

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