Railcoach 279 restoration progress report

The major restoration project being undertaken by the Fylde Transport Trust to return Railcoach 279 to its original style is continuing to make some progress, although inevitably this has slowed down recently in the current situation. Despite adhering to all social distancing protocols there are some jobs being completed by staff who are at the Catch 22 Bus depot during the day to ensure that a bus service can still be maintained for essential workers.

Over the past month progress has included the permanent fixing of the domes after glazing along with the new end noses and work is underway on the final mouldings to the cab ends. The windscreen frames have been test fitted and templates returned to the manufacturers to complete production of this feature. Other test fitting has seen some side panels initially cut and then test fitted.

With limited staff at the depot it has also been possible to complete some jobs in between the buses being sent out for duty and returning. This has included the cabs and compressor governor being firstly undercoated and then glossed.

It is inevitable and only right in the current climate that the work completed on the tram is more limited than might otherwise have been possible but despite this there is still some work which can be completed as the FTT look to the future.

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