So nearly, not quite! Triple rebuilt Balloons

We’ve all been there. We’ve lined-up what you think will be a near perfect photo and then something conspires against us which means that perfect shot ends up being, well, not perfect! It may be a stray pedestrian getting in the way, a tram moving at the last minute or even a seagull flying across at an inopportune moment but it happens to all of us. Usually when this happens we just press delete and forgot it ever happened but in this new irregular series we take a look at some of those photos which were “So nearly, not quite!”…

In this photo we are at the all too familiar location of Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Its 23rd October 2011 – just a few short weeks before the traditional Blackpool Tramway will close for the last time – and the service is dominated by double-deckers, with the rebuilt Balloons especially common. Pleasure Beach was the southern terminus and three of the “Millennium” cars were in attendance, all in advert liveries and with the widened centre entrances. With 724 (advert for the Lyndene Hotel) on the stabled on the redundant southbound track on break), 709 (Sealife Centre ad) has just come off the loop and approaches the junction with the loop as it prepares to start a service to Little Bispham (although destination blind has yet to change). As for the loop that is occupied by 707 (with its advert for Coral Island). Its an ideal opportunity for a photo of three of these trams together – unfortunately the photographer is to be frustrated as standing a distance away its going to be nigh on impossible to get a clear shot with a couple of other enthusiasts blocking the view. Never mind, it was so nearly but not quite the photo he wanted! Better luck next time!

Photograph by Simon Potter

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  1. David Maxwell says:

    If I had seen this series coming, I could have contributed loads!!! Seems I have been too enthusiastic with my ‘delete’ button.

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