2020 Crich operating fleet revealed

In just seven days time it will be the start of yet another operating season at the Crich Tramway Village but what trams are likely to see use in 2020? It is hoped that in total 22 electric passenger trams, one horse tram and five works cars – a potential increase of two from the 2019 fleet which can’t be a bad thing!

The first operating day of the 2020 season will be Saturday 14th March with the museum then open daily until Sunday 1st November with a usual offering of three trams in service although at times it may be necessary for fewer trams to be in service whilst at special events it may be more!

The season is likely to start with 20 electric trams as part of the operating fleet and all were part of the 2019 operating fleet which means those good old internet rumours that Blackpool & Fleetwood Box 40 would be just put on display will be just that – rumours! As the year goes on it is hoped that their number will be increased by two with London Transport 1622 and perhaps more excitingly for many Newcastle 102 due to return to service – once their respective overhauls are completed and full testing and commissioning has been completed. As with all major tram overhaul projects such as this there are still many tasks to be completed so a date isn’t being announced just yet for their return but keep your eye on British Trams Online because as soon as we know you will know!

Nine different cities (including 13 different systems with both Blackpool and London seeing trams from multiple companies) and four different countries (England, Scotland, Portugal and Germany) will be represented in the passenger trams. Most trams will again come from Blackpool with seven trams from the Fylde Coast featuring.

Work in the workshop during 2020 will also be continuing on London County Council 1 – Bluebird – and there is an outside chance it may undergo some test runs during the year but there are no plans for it to enter service this year.

On the works front it will be business as usual with the Blackpool Electric Locomotive and Cardiff 131 leading the way along with the Croydon Tramlink KLV (plus trailer), GMJ and TW4 Tower Wagon all due to be commissioned for use.

The passenger tram fleet is due to be made up of:

Chesterfield 7

Sheffield 15

Glasgow 22

Blackpool & Fleetwood 40

Blackpool 40

Sheffield 74

Newcastle 102 (once work is completed)

London County Council 106

London United Tramways 159

Blackpool 166

Blackpool 167

Leeds 180

Blackpool 236

Oporto 273

Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331

Leeds 345

Leeds 399

Sheffield 510

Blackpool 630

Blackpool 762

Liverpool 869

London Transport 1622 (once work is completed)

Berlin 223 006-4

With the works cars operational being:

Blackpool Electric Locomotive

Cardiff 131

Croydon Tramlink 058+061


Tower Wagon TW4

So, plenty of trams due to be in action at Crich this year so lots of excuses to pay a visit when it opens next Saturday!

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