Coming soon: New vehicles on order

With various tram and light rail systems across the UK having new vehicles on order have you lost track of what is due and when? Well, if you have you don’t worry as we are here to help! In this article we keep a track on it for you! As much as to help us keep up with things what follows is all systems (including tram and light rail) which have vehicles on order and when we may expect them to arrive!

Docklands Light Railway

What’s on order? 43 new walkthrough trains to replace the older trains in service and to add additional capacity. These trains will be longer than those they replace and it will not be necessary for three trains to be coupled to make on set.

What will their numbers be? Not yet confirmed but previous DLR trains have followed on in numbering sequence (once they updated their computer system to allow three digit numbers anyway!)

Who is building them? CAF

When were they ordered? The announcement was made in June 2019

When can we expect them? It is hoped the first will enter service during 2023.

Manchester Metrolink

What’s on order? 27 new Bombardier constructed M5000 trams as a follow on order from the 120 similar vehicles already in service on the network.

What will their numbers be? It is expected they will follow on from the current fleet and be numbered 3121 to 3147.

Who is building them? Bombardier

When were they ordered? The official order was made in July 2018

When can we expect them? Originally scheduled to start arriving in February 2020, issues in the supply chain have delayed their arrival with the first expected to be in service by August 2020. One tram a month is expected to be delivered.

Tyne and Wear Metro

What’s on order? 42 new trains which will replace the complete fleet of trains which have been operating since the network opened in 1980. There is an option for an extra four trains, if government funding is forthcoming for plans to increase capacity through the Flow Project. These trains are longer vehicles than those they have replaced which will mean there is no longer the need for two units to be coupled together.

What will their numbers be? No details have yet been released on this.

Who is building them? Stadler

When were they ordered? The formal announcement of the contract was made in January 2020

When can we expect them? The first trains are due to enter service in 2023 with introduction continuing into 2024. Presumably the first vehicles will arrive either in late 2022 or early 2023.

West Midlands Metro

What’s on order? 21 new CAF built 3rd generation Urbos trams. They will be built as new with batteries. There is also an option for up to a further 29 trams to bring this order up to 50 but this is dependent on the building of further extensions.

What will their numbers be? Based on previous new trams for the West Midlands Metro expect them to be numbered from 38 onwards.

Who is building them? CAF in Spain.

When were they ordered? The formal contract was signed in October 2019.

When can we expect them? The first is due to enter service in 2021 so expect deliveries to commence either in late 2020 or early 2021.

* No other trams/light rail vehicles are currently on order for systems in the UK but both the fleets on London Tramlink and Stagecoach Supertram will presumably be up for renewal in the fairly near future so who knows maybe they will join in on this article?!

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  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Just a thought about walk-through vehicles. Do they assist the transmission of coronavirus more than separate carriages would?

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