Around the World in Trams: Amsterdam 2063

For the last time this year we head out of the British Isles for our Around the World in Trams series and its back to the Netherlands for this week’s image.

This photo shows no. 2063 with a route 12 service to Amstel Station at the Prinsengracht stop on Leidestraat. This is single track with passing loops on the two canal bridges which, as can be seen, form quite a big hump for the tramway. The tram is from a batch of Combino trams built by Siemens in 2003.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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1 Response to Around the World in Trams: Amsterdam 2063

  1. peter narramore says:

    Great picture. Just one small point. The track along Leidsestraat is interlaced rather than single, spreading into double at the loops and so avoiding the need for points. When I last visited 5 years ago the system seemed to work well in spite of the crowds of pedestrians.
    There was still one stretch of single tack – along Utrechtsestraat running south from Rembrandtsplein – along which I rode on one of the preserved Blue Trams built around 1930.

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