Illuminated Tram comes to Heaton Park!

Whilst the Heaton Park Tramway’s main operating season came to an end on Sunday 17th November which saw a three car service operate during the Season Swansong that isn’t quite the end for the hardworking volunteers as they will be supporting the Lightopia event in the park with evening services every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 1700 and 2130 – and it will include their very own illuminated tram in the form of Blackpool 623!

Brush Railcoach 623 has recently received lights on its reduced height trolley tower and on its trolley and will add to the spectacle of the Lightopia event which is taking place in Heaton Park between 21st November and 31st December.

According to the official website the Lightopia Festival “aims to revive and reinterpret the classics, transporting the audience into a very different world of expression and raw emotion with the light designs and interactive pieces. The designs are the timeless units of nature. The interaction between space and form is made possible by Lightopia, a spiritual society that exists only in the works and ideas of its creation. We want to build on the idea that Lightopia transcend the original form and serve an even higher purpose through careful artistic intervention.” Well done if you understand a word of that! It will include a Lantern Trail, Water Show, Live Music and Acrobatic Performances, and of course tram rides in the dark!

Heaton Park will be transformed for the event and ticket holders only will able to access the park. If you do visit Lightopia on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays normal tramway fares will apply for a ride along the heritage line. As well as illuminated 623, Hull 96 and Manchester 765 will be available for service with trams running between 1700 and 2130 from 22nd November until 29th December.

* You can find out more on the Lightopia Festival at

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