In Pictures: Testing continues on Trafford Park line

The first half of 2020 will see the latest – and for now last – piece of the Manchester Metrolink jigsaw open with trams able to run from Pomona to Trafford Centre for the first time. But before then there will be extensive testing and commissioning runs and the past week has seen plenty of this going on, as we initially reported last week, another set of testing took place during the day on Sunday 17th November between Pomona and Wharfside with the purpose of testing the signalling system at the Pomona junction between the Trafford Park and Eccles lines.

Three different tram sets were involved in the testing with single unit 3074 joined by doubles 3079+3097 and 3082+3086. On a fairly drab mid-November day the trams spent a lot of the time at Pomona ensuring that the signals were working correctly but they did also make their way onto the Trafford Park extension running as far as the emergency crossover at Wharfside. Further testing will take place ahead of services starting in the first half of 2020 although no exact timescale has yet been given for when we may be able to enjoy a ride on the extension just yet.

At the start of testing and this view at Pomona stop shows a queue of trams awaiting test movements. This view is taken from the junction of Trafford Road and Bridgewater Way.

3082 and 3086 edge forward down the ramp towards Trafford Road on their way to Wharfside.

3086+3082 departs from Wharfside alongside the Ship canal with a run back towards Trafford Road and Pomona. (All Photographs by Steve Hyde, 17th November 2019)

* More photos from this testing will be included in a Photo Gallery on a future update of British Trams Online.

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