Performance goes down on Tyne and Wear Metro

After a couple of months where performance has remained at 85% on the Tyne and Wear Metro the latest four week period has shown a fall to 82% – which although a decrease from the previous period does show a big 8% improvement on the same time in 2018.

For the Tyne and Wear Metro punctuality is based on trains arriving within 3 minutes later or 30 second earlier than scheduled and between 15th September and 12th October 82% of all trains managed to achieve this figure.

The poster revealing these figures only has space for two issues that may have affected the overall figure (in some periods it would be fair to say that two nowhere near covers all of the problems experienced with train failures, infrastructure faults and other issues seemingly a daily occurrence currently if you follow their Twitter feed) and in these four weeks these are listed as a tree branch falling on the overhead (6th October) with staff swiftly removing said branch and a power supply fault at South Gosforth Depot (9th October) with the comment that they are investigating the cause of the issue.

Despite the apparent continued problems in service reliability the poster also mentions that there were 17.1 complaints per 100,000 journeys during the four weeks ending 14th September 2019 and that the overall satisfaction of the service is said to be 7.8 out of 10 (according to a survey taken in August 2019).

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