Advert changes in Manchester

Its been a few weeks but there has suddenly been an influx of livery changes in Manchester Metrolink with two new advert liveries unveiled whilst a further three trams have lost their advertising vinyls. New advertisers are Pretty Little and Lightopia whilst Babyliss and two Vodafone adverts have now been removed.

The application of the advert for Pretty Little on 3103 makes Metrolink the third English tram system to advertise the online women’s fashion retailer. It had always been a little strange that no trams in Manchester carried adverts for this company considering how many adverts are applied, the fact that both Sheffield and Blackpool have two trams each and that taxis and buses were advertising the company but its strange no more as Pretty Little has arrived on Manchester Metrolink!

The second new advert applied is on 3019 and is for Lightopia. This new event is being held in Heaton Park this November and with Metrolink an ideal way to get there what better way to publicise the event? Lightopia is a new “immersive and visually-dramatic lantern and light festival, that promises to fuse beautiful art installations with human experience”. It takes place between 21st November and 31st November.

There may be two new adverts but there are also three trams now back in full fleet livery following the removal of their vinyls. First to go back yellow is 3061 which has lost its fairly short-term advert for Babyliss whilst the other trams now in fleet livery have been carrying their adverts for longer. 3017 and 3096 were two of five trams carrying adverts for Vodafone with 3017 one of the four to initially take on the adverts in the spring of 2018 whilst 3096 received its vinyls in August 2019. From these two trams returning to fleet livery it would now appear the contract is coming to an end and presumably 3047, 3093 and 3100 will also soon return to fleet livery.

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