August launch for Leeds horse tram

The Leeds Transport Historical Society have announced that Leeds 107 is set to be launched into public service at a special transport event due to be held at the Middleton Railway over the August Bank Holiday weekend. Members of the Society have been working tirelessly for several years to restore 107, the last surviving Leeds horse tramcar, which is now nearing completion.

A while ago, the LTHS announced that plans were afoot for 107 to be operated at its current home, where the final stages of its restoration have been undertaken, before it moves to Crich where it will join the collection of the National Tramway Museum. This milestone will tie in with a major gathering of historic vehicles being organised by the Middleton Railway Trust, which will feature a variety of classic buses and steam vehicles joining the horse-drawn tram for the August Bank Holiday event. It is planned that the tram will operate for a short distance in the Middleton Railway’s car park on one or two days over the weekend.

Even more surprisingly, it is expected that 107 will leave the railway almost immediately after the long weekend, and move to Crich due to a lack of space for it to be displayed at Middleton. This opens up the possibility of the car operating in two different locations before the year is out, and it could well be the star of the annual Enthusiast’s Day at Crich which is being held in September.

The above information is from the LTHS’ February newsletter, which can be found at along with plenty of other updates of progress on the restroration of car 107.

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1 Response to August launch for Leeds horse tram

  1. Ralph Oakes-Garnett says:

    A wonderful and remarkable survivor. Sadly Middleton Railway reminds me of the plight of the Feltham, 202 and 601 which were vandalised. Also the fact that none of those futuristic Middleton Bogies has survived. Had a walk thorugh Middleton Woods a couple of years ago not much to see now.
    Should be great to see 107 at Crich alongside other horse cars.

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