In Pictures: Points installed at Crumpsall

Over the Easter weekend there was a closure of the Bury line which, along with other work which prevented trams from running onto the Rochdale line for a couple of days, saw the new pointwork installed at Crumpsall ahead of the start of terminating services to that stop once the Trafford Park line opens in 2020. The result of this work is that there is now a crossover between inbound and outbound lines just short of the stop along with points and the start of track into the new bay platform. For now the track in the new platform is yet to be laid but there is plenty of time for this to take place ahead of the start of services. The following photos from Steve Hyde shows the outcome of the engineering possession.

This general overview shot looking towards Crumpsall shows the results of the work with the new crossover in the foreground leading along with the new pointwork leading towards the new platform.

Taken from the actual stop at Crumpsall this low-level view shows the new pointwork in place. (Both Photographs by Steve Hyde, 24th April 2019)

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