In Pictures: The old order at Trafford Depot

It may be recalled that back in 2014 when the majority of Manchester Metrolink’s T68 and T68A trams departed the area for either scrapping or storage and possible testing at Long Marston there were a handful which didn’t make the trip. Of these 1007 is being preserved by the Manchester Transport Museum Society and is stored inside at Trafford Depot but that still leaves 1020, 1023 and 2001 which remain stored in the main yard at Trafford with no obvious reason why they are still on Manchester Metrolink property. Anyone who catches a tram past the depot onto the East Didsbury/Manchester Airport line will be able to get a look at these trams as seen in the below images.

Led by 1023 the three T68/T68As are on the same road in the depot yard as seen here. The pantograph seen is on a M5000 stabled behind the trams. (Both Photographs by Keith Chadbourne, 18th January 2019)

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