Tyne and Wear Metro performance down

Whereas Manchester Metrolink’s performance stats are put online for all to see if you want to know how the service is performing on the Tyne and Wear Metro you need to go to the system as the only way they announce it is posters at stations! The latest statistics released are for the period from 14th October to 10th November and its not good news for regular travellers as only 68% of trains arrived on time – a fall from both the previous period and also the same time in 2017.

Tyne and Wear Metro’s definition of a train on time is within three minutes later or 30 seconds earlier than the scheduled time. This mans that just over three in ten trains didn’t manage this during the period under review. The same period in 2017 saw 76% recorded on time whilst the period immediately preceding was at 74%.

There were two main issues which affected punctuality with a train fault at Fellgate on 16th October leading to a service suspension and on 23rd October a train fault caused overhead line faults in the depot. To try and solve similar issues like these in the future extra checks are being made on trains before leaving depot in an attempt to prevent in service faults and an extra £906,000 is being committed to train maintenance in the next 18 months.

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