Passenger satisfaction up on NET

A new survey undertaken on behalf of Keolis, operators of Nottingham Express Transit, has shown that 96% of passengers are satisfied with the service – this is a major increase on other recent surveys which have had a lower sample size (although there can be many variables for these differences of course).

NET are putting the increased satisfaction down to a series of initiatives which have been introduced with the aim of “enhancing the customer experience and boosting tram reliability”. Since the expanded tram network opened in August 2015 there have been issues with the reliability of the network with an increased level of trams coming into the path of road traffic along with various tram faults experienced resulting in more disruption than previously experienced.

Paul Robinson, Director and General Manager, said: “More than nine out of ten said it offered good value for money, and the research shows we are definitely heading in the right direction.An action plan to improve reliability has been put in place with a wide range of initiatives, including the installation of measures to help prevent other road vehicles from getting stuck on ‘tram only’ sections of the network.”

Over 1,000 people were questioned in the survey with more than eight out of ten saying they had confidence in the reliability of the network with 97% saying they would recommend NET to friends and family. NET employees also came out of the survey well with 97% of respondents saying they provided a good service.

NET is currently embarking on a programme of signalling upgrades and the customer service team has transformed the way it communicates with customers during any unplanned disruption.

Mr Robinson added: “It’s clear from the survey findings that these efforts are already delivering positive benefits for our customers. But we’ll never become complacent and will continue our efforts to improve both reliability and customer service as we aim to cement our place as one of the country’s most popular light rail networks.”

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