Around the World in Trams: Coastal Tramway 6105

We are back on our world travels as we resume our look at trams from around the world each Thursday and todat we are off to the coast as we take a look at the longest tram ride in the world – Belgium’s Coastal Tram.

A metre gauge line the Coast Tram runs between DePanne (close to the border with France) and Knokke-Heist connecting the entire Belgian coast. It is 42 miles long (68 kilometres).

This shot shows 6105 on 12th August 1997. At this time the tram was in an all over advert and we see the tram turning out of the stop next to Blankenberge Station with a service for Knokke. This tram was built by BN as part of a batch in 1982.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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