Twin Car on the way back

Since the fire suffered by Twin Car 272+T2 in Blackpool back in September 2016 this popular class of tram has been missing from the Blackpool Tramway but all that is about to change with set 5 now in the works at Rigby Road undergoing a full rewire. This Twin Car was taken out of service in 2016 and missed the entire 2017 season but all being well it is now hoped it will be back in use before the end of this year.

675+685 is currently in the workshops where it is enjoying a complete and thorough rewire and with the progress being made it is planned that it will be available before the end of this year, although sensibly no date has yet been set as these things do often have a habit of taking longer than planned with unexpected issues coming to light.

The news for the other Twin Car which has run since heritage tram operations commenced, 272+T2, isn’t as good as the motor car will not only require fire damage and a full rewire but will also need significant structural attention.

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