In Pictures: London Tramlink Engineering Works

Services between Addington Village and New Addington were suspended on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October for engineering works which concentrated on the replacement of pointwork at New Addington. All trams from Wimbledon were terminated at Addington Village with passengers advised to use onward normal bus services to reach their destination.

The driver of 2550 is seen here changing the points on the crossover at Addington Village. (Photo: Ian Buck)


And then 2550 moves over the crossover to return to Wimbledon having terminated at Addington Village because of engineering works. (Photo: Ian Buck)


A view of the track work taking place at New Addington. (Photo: Ian Buck)

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  1. The pointwork being replaced at New Addington is presumably that which leads into the short section of single track past the Medical Centre (if that is what it is). I have never been able to understand why the latter could not have been demolished and relocated to allow the double track to go through or, if this were not an option, why interlaced track could not have been used, avoiding the need for two sets of points. Can anyone enlighten me?

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