In Pictures: Stagecoach Supertram Engineering Works Part 1

Recently the amount of engineering works on Stagecoach Supertram has started to  increase with some taking place on non Bank Holiday weekends with two recent occasions
seeing line closures to allow the replacement of track. The first of these was on Sunday 16th September when a section of track at Fitzalan Square was replaced which necessitated some trams running wrong line in the City Centre.

Approximately 50 yards of track was replaced on the up line from Fitzalan Square  downwards. This meant that all Middlewood and Malin Bridge trams ran to Cathedral as
normal and then ran wrong line to Castle Square whilst Halfway trams ran wrong line to Castle Square and then reversed back. Trams on the Purple route avoided the City Centre completely running directly from Sheffield Station to Meadowhall. All trams approached Castle Square wrong line from both directions and then reversed in the correct direction.

The section of track which was being replaced was in the platform at Fitzalan Square. (Photo: Stuart Cooke)


Another view of the track replacement work at Fitzalan Square. (Photo: Stuart Cooke)


112 departs the Cathedral stop and uses the crossover to access the wrong line to Castle Square. (Photo: Stuart Cooke)


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