Tram derails after collision with van

A tram derailed on University Boulevard, Nottingham, after it was hit by a van on Wednesday 6th December causing major traffic gridlock across the city throughout the afternoon and evening. Incentro 214 was involved in the collision which happened close to the University of Nottingham stop as the tram was crossing University Boulevard.

The collision happened at approximately 1445 and four passengers were treated for injuries. The impact of the collision was such that it caused 214 to come off the rails. The road was closed to traffic with diversions put into place but this caused major disruption across the city with Nottingham City Buses describing the traffic as the worst for eight years.

A statement was issued by Nottingham Express Transit giving further details of the collision: “A van has been in collision with one of our trams as it was crossing University Boulevard near the University of Nottingham stop. The tram has become derailed and is currently blocking the junction. Emergency services are on the scene and four passengers have been injured as a result of the impact. Currently services have been disrupted with trams from Hucknall turning at NG2 whilst services from Toton are turning at the University Boulevard tram stop.‎ A bus service connecting the University tram stop with Nottingham rail station is in operation. Clearly, we apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this incident has caused. Once the tram has been re-railed and normal services resumed we will be assisting the police with their investigations.”

With the emergency services having to attend the incident and then the scene having to be cleared it wasn’t possible to rerail 214 until the late evening with the road finally being reopened to traffic shortly after 2300.

Pictures from the scene show that both the tram and van suffered damage in the collision with the white van suffering a severe dent to the driver side door whilst the tram saw damage to the side cab window and lower bodyside.

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