More progress for Warrington 28

The Merseyside Tramway Society remain busy working on the sole surviving Warrington tramcar, which is being reconstructed as Warrington 28. It may be recalled that over the summer a suitable truck for the tram was supplied by the Tramway Museum Society and moved to Birkenhead from their Clay Cross store.

More recently, a trial fit of the truck has been undertaken. The past few months have seen the main components which make up the truck frame being taken apart, painted, and re-assembled by a small team of just two people! On 3rd December, the completed parts were placed beneath the tramcar body to ensure that everything fitted correctly, before more work on the truck – including all of the key components that make the tram work! – can be undertaken.

Meanwhile 28 is taking shape with the lower deck looking largely complete, and the new top deck also at a fairly advanced stage. Having been removed to enable the tram to be moved to a different part of the depot building at the Birkenhead tramway’s Taylor Street premises, the upper deck was soon refitted and with the truck frame also fitted, albeit only temporarily, the Warrington car is looking very much like a tram again. However, a great deal of work remains to be finished; at present it is anticipated that the tram will be up and running within about two years, although this is only an estimate at this stage. Its launch will no doubt be a great occasion and another huge coup for the small team at Birkenhead.

A close view of the truck for Warrington 28 in its current form, sitting beneath the body of the tram. (Photo by John Hewitt)


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