In Pictures: Bournemouth 85 – the unloading

We have already reported on the arrival of Bournemouth 85 at Crich on Friday 25th August – but as it is so exciting we couldn’t resist sharing some more images of its arrival! This time the tram is shown being unloaded in the depot, before taking a short ride on the traverser.

As mentioned earlier, the low loader which transported 85 to the museum was backed into the depot where, once a ramp had been constructed, the tram was carefully unloaded. This had required roads 10 and 11 to be completely cleared of trams, including Sheffield 189 which was placed on the depot track fan. Once 85 had touched down it was moved onto the traverser and shunted onto the top of road 12 in the depot, where it now stands in front of London Transport 1622 and Johannesburg 60. This is only temporary, and the car is soon expected to take its place in the Great Exhibition Hall as a static exhibit.

A close look at Bournemouth 85, still aboard the low loader, at the rear of road 11 in the depot at Crich. London Transport 1622 is just about visible alongside.

85 is carefully winched off the trailer and touches down on Crich metals - albeit only one rail due to its narrow gauge!

We now see Bournemouth 85 moving on the traverser before settling in on road 12. (All photos by Peter Bowler)

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