Glasgow 22 in, Glasgow 1068 out at Crich in 2017

18 different electric passenger trams are set to be used in service at the Crich Tramway Village in 2017. As expected London Transport 1622 is not part of the operational fleet this year and it has been joined in the withdrawn stakes by popular open topper Glasgow 1068. On the other side of the coin it has been confirmed that Glasgow 22 will join the operating pool again this year having only just seen use at the very end of 2016.

London Transport 1622 had not been expected to be part of the operating pool during 2016 but a shortage of suitable trams at Easter had seen it resurrected and although originally expected to be withdrawn soon after it remained in service for much of the year. As for Glasgow 1068 this tram has seemingly been on borrowed time for a number of years following its repaint into Glasgow colours back in 2012 when it was apparently resurrected just for the special event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the closure of Glasgow Corporation Tramways. But now the time has come when it looks as if some workshop attention will be needed before it can carry passengers again.

The full list of electric trams which are due to be prepared as members of the operating fleet in 2017 are:

Chesterfield 7

Glasgow 22

Blackpool 40

London County Council 106

London United Tramways 159

Blackpool 166

Blackpool 167

Leeds 180

Blackpool 236

Oporto 273

Metropolitan Electric Tramways 331

Leeds 345

Leeds 399

Sheffield 510

Blackpool 630

Blackpool 762

Liverpool 869

Berlin 223 006-4

In addition Sheffield 15 will once again be used for the Horse Tram Days which are taking place throughout the year.

Crich will be open daily from Saturday 18th March until Sunday 5th November with the highlight for enthusiasts once again being Tram Day which for 2017 will take place on Saturday 16th September.

Withdrawn from service for 2017 is Glasgow 1068. The tram is seen having just gone under the Bowes Lyon Bridge on 10th September 2016 during Tram Day. (Photograph by Gareth Prior)

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4 Responses to Glasgow 22 in, Glasgow 1068 out at Crich in 2017

  1. Kevin says:

    How interesting. Crich should be commended for managing to muster 18 trams. I would be interested to know why 1068 is withdrawn, though a coat of paint did seem to miraculously resurrect it in 2012 (is it really that long since the Glasgow event?). It seems that most of our museums/Heritage will suffer a lack of open toppers this year. Heaton Park still have no Stockport 5, Blackpool seem to be down to one boat and Crich have lost Southampton 45, Glasgow 1068 and Rack 2. And of course no sign of Trams at Black Country so no open topper there either!
    Pleasing to see 869 still with us and a good selection of cars so a good year for them hopefully.

    • Peter W. says:

      Glasgow 1068 is on the commissioning list for this year so should be operational. It might be on reduced mileage.

    • Raymond Luxury-Yacht says:

      Given that 869 only emerged from overhaul late 2015 I’d be a bit worried if it wasn’t being commissioned!

      It is sad to see 1068 go, and definitely highlights the need for another operational open topper at Crich. Although Newcastle 102 has been selected by the TSO it’s overhaul is unlikely to start in earnest until LCC 1 enters traffic.

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