It’s here! 3120 arrives in Manchester

The full fleet of 120 M5000 trams are now in Manchester following the arrival of the last of the Bombardier built trams at Queen’s Road Depot at around 1130 on Saturday 1st October. The arrival of 3120 brings an end to a little over seven years of regular deliveries of the class with 3001 having been delivered back on 13th July 2009. As things stand at the moment this completes the order however rumours persist that more may be forthcoming although currently nothing official has been announced regarding this.

As we reported a few days ago 3120 had started its journey from Vienna on Tuesday 27th September and made its way across Europe before hitting the high seas between Rotterdam and Hull. It was then back on the roads again across the UK to Manchester where it arrived at around 1130. The low loader was then driven into the depot where 3120 was unloaded and moved into the workshops for commissioning to take place. It will then undergo mileage accumulation before an eventual entry into service.

Speaking when the tram left Vienna Cllr Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “This is a proud moment for everyone associated with Metrolink as the imminent arrival of Tram 120 is symbolic of the major investment and expansion of the Metrolink network in recent years. Coupled with the recent return of services to a bigger and better St Peter’s Square and with the opening of the Second City Crossing just around the corner, we are ensuring Metrolink will continue to provide the people of Greater Manchester with fast, frequent and reliable services for many, many years to come.”

A close-up of the front of the tram.

3120 on the final approach to its new home.

A side on view of 3120 arriving in Manchester. (All Photographs by Steve Kemp)

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6 Responses to It’s here! 3120 arrives in Manchester

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    They had better get the order in quick for the next ones for the Trafford line before the price becomes unaffordable owing to the drop in the pound and possible import tariffs after Brexit. Or will the UK start building trams again?

    • Steve Hyde says:

      The Trafford Line trams are already here, they were ordered quite some time ago as 3095 to 3104 as a follow on order from the 3075 to 3094 batch. The last 16 up to 3120 were ordered as a part of a Growth and Flexibility Plan.

  2. Phil says:

    I saw 3120 still on the back of the truck at about 11.45 am.

    However, I have not yet seen 3116!
    I have now on five days given a system wide observation on different days of the week of the last few weeks, but have not observed tram 3116 in service.

    Is there any reason I haven’t seen this tram that has become ellusive to me?

  3. Ken Walker says:

    3120 was in service today on the Rochdale / Exchange Square service.

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