British Trams Online Statement

It will probably not have escaped your notice that over the past week or so there have a few controversies regarding some of the news stories which have appeared on this website especially in regard to the Heaton Park Tramway. This statement seeks to clarify our position on the news we cover.

We seek to cover as much news from across the tramways of the British Isles as possible and although on the whole we prefer to cover positive news stories it is inevitable that at times we do include items which some readers consider as being unnecessarily negative. We do not have a bias for or against any organisation and report the facts as we see them which we are well aware not everyone may agree with and feel that we are being unfair. It is not our intention to cause damage to any organisation and if anyone feels we have done that at any point we apologise. Although the majority of our news articles are fact based it is inevitable that at times our opinions come through but we hope you understand that like many of the readers of this website we are passionate about trams and only write things as we genuinely believe them to be. If you don’t agree with a news story we always leave the right to reply and this can easily be done by leaving a comment but please leave it civil.

If you wish to register a complaint on any story as you believe we have the facts wrong please email where we deal with the issue as soon as possible. Please also use this address if you think we have missed a story – please don’t presume that we already know about it. I have always said that British Trams Online is here to be used by all heritage tramway organisations and we are always willing to cover any organisations latest appeal for money, volunteers or a forthcoming event. But if you don’t let us know about it we can’t cover it!

Hopefully this clarifies the situation on what we consider constitutes a news story but if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us as above.

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