Bang, bang! Car v tram in both Manchester and Wolverhampton

Easter Sunday went with a bang on both Manchester Metrolink and Midland Metro with two tram versus car incidents although thankfully in both cases no serious injuries were reported.

On Midland Metro the collision happened at the entrance to the Park and Ride site at Priestfield and saw Urbos 3 26 shunt the car approximately 10 metres down the track before coming to a stand. The car suffered significant damage to the passenger side but the car driver did not suffer serious injuries although was taken to hospital as a precaution. The tram driver was shaken but needed no further treatment and no passengers suffered any injury. As for the tram pictures from the scene show some damage to the front but hopefully this isn’t too serious and 26 will be back in service soon. Midland Metro services were suspended through the area for around 90 minutes from 1600.

Then just as services were resuming in the West Midlands it was the turn of Manchester Metrolink to suffer from a collision with a car, this time in Rochdale Town Centre. It is believed that this was only a minor collision and happened close to Rochdale Railway Centre. Whilst the aftermath of the collision was cleared services were only able to run between Rochdale Railway Station and Ashton-under-Lyne. This time the service suspension was for approximately an hour with services resuming through to the Town Centre terminus at around 1830.

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2 Responses to Bang, bang! Car v tram in both Manchester and Wolverhampton

  1. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    For the Manchester Met fleets:
    3003: Entered service 16 December 2009
    3006: Delivered 14 November 2009
    3057: Entered service around 6-7 Feb 2013

  2. Paul says:

    12th April 26 was in service this morning all fixed up

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