British Trams Online this winter

We are now officially in the tramological winter (we’ve created that term now and boy are we going to use it!) which means that there will be a few changes to the content of British Trams Online over the next few months. Our regular features will be changing with Going for a Ride now having finished and Picture in Time will be reducing from a three a week series to twice weekly. During the winter you can enjoy archive images from traditional trams on a Wednesday whilst it will be the turn of modern tramways at the weekend. These will be the only regular features on our News page over the winter to allow me to concentrate on the long promised site redesign which is about six months behind schedule!

Away from these regular feature changes it will be pretty much business as usual on British Trams Online with weekly updates to the main site with regular Photo Galleries added although naturally these will reduce in number as there is less chance to take photos. All the latest news will also continue to be reported on the News page and as the last few years has shown the previously quiet winter period has been anything but! We already know there will be line openings on both Midland Metro and Manchester Metrolink and of course then there are the unexpected stories which like to keep us on our toes.

The next few weeks will also see the return of two of our regular end of year features. But more on those soon.

In the meantime I would like to thank everyone who either contributes to the site or continues to read and view what we add to British Trams Online – without you there would either be no website or there wouldn’t be much point in putting the effort in.

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3 Responses to British Trams Online this winter

  1. David John Freeman says:

    Looking forward to an already great site full of info and photos being made even better … just the thing for when the snow and ice comes

    • Tony Sullivan says:

      I too look forward to all the information and photos posted on the site. Hardly a day goes by when I do not log onto the site. I really appreciate all the time that Gareth, Andrew and others put into the site keeping it right up to date.

  2. mike slipper says:

    A great site and appreciation for the work that goes into it.

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