Supertram revise Purple route services

Due to the recent collision at Shalesmoor which has reduced the number of available trams on Stagecoach Supertram it has been announced that the Purple route timetable is to be amended until further notice. On Mondays-Saturdays no trams on this route will run to Meadowhall with all services from Herdings Park terminating at Cathedral. Trams will continue to run through to Meadowhall on Sundays. There will also be some changes to the times of trams on the Purple route as a result of this amendment. Supertram are currently operating with a fleet of 23 trams instead of 25 which is putting an increased pressure on tram availability which had led to frequent service cancellations.

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5 Responses to Supertram revise Purple route services

  1. Anonymous says:

    A correction to the above , on Sundays trams will operate to Meadowhall as usual .

  2. stuart cooke says:

    The sunday service still operates as on original timetable .

  3. john clover says:

    hurray up and get the new tram-trains delivered and up and running

  4. Franklyn says:

    I’ve been saying for years that Supertram needs to invest some money back into the system, especially the trams themselves. Right from day 1 they have simply never had enough vehicles to have a reasonable number of engineering spares available for maintenance or service duplication. The Stagecoach answer is always to shrug their shoulders and run a fleet of slow, tatty buses they’ve shipped in from here there and everywhere!

    How come they can get new buses on the near-pointless 120 service (which mimicks the tram route most of the way between halfway and the City) but they can’t be made to put their hand in their pocket to buy some new trams? They should have hefty financial penalties from the Transport Executive if they can’t run the tramway as they’re supposed to. replacement buses are simply not acceptable!

    When will people wake up and realise that bus operators should not be allowed to run tramways in their bus operating areas. I bet if Stagecoace weren’t allowed to operate buses in Sheffield we’d be seeing a massive tramway enhancement by now.

  5. Michael says:

    The Herdings route has always been a white elephant. The handful of passengers using the two stops on the short spur will never cover the cost of its operation, especially it’s expensive junction with the “main line” at Gleadless. This may be a good opportunity to scrap this spur and make much better use of the trams on the other routes!!

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