First part of NET Phase Two set to open

Monday 27th July will see the opening of part of the Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two extensions although if you are looking forward to a ride on this stretch of line it won’t take you long! It has been announced that the new Nottingham Railway Station tramstop will open to trams from the start of service on this day following final preparations over the next few days. All trams for both Hucknall and Phoenix Park will depart from the same northbound platform (the southbound platform will not be accessible for now). The last trams will call at the old platforms at Station Street at the end of service on Sunday 26th July after which it will be all change to the new and easier to access tramstop. It’s only a small part of Phase Two but at least it’s a start!

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6 Responses to First part of NET Phase Two set to open

  1. Tom Irvin says:

    Sorry I’m a bit unfamiliar with the layout. Will trams still be using the same crossover just north of Station St on arrival or is there a new crossover between the two stops?

  2. Steve Hyde says:

    They will need to use the same scissors crossover as now until through running starts as there is no crossover between the stops. Of course should through timetable testing start they will simply continue south from the station and return on the other line.

    • Tom Irvin says:

      Thanks for the gen, much appreciated. I just wanted to check that no winning track was involved that would become rare.

  3. David John Freeman says:

    As of this Monday morning July 27th trams have white wooden Nottingham Station boards in their front windows

    Alternate southbound show also either Queens Walk or Meadows Way West

    Into City northbound they show either Huckall or Phoenix Park as usual

    Nobody can travel south of the new Station stop to where the trams reverse to gain the correct northbound line … Queens Walk or NG2 turnbacks which are being operated by pointsmen

    Word from the ever helpfull staff is that the whole new system may go live all together at the same time in about two weeks time

  4. Bob Field says:

    I was informed today that full-service “shadow” running will start tomorrow Friday Aug. 31st on both routes.
    However, the normal requirement is to achieve at least 3 weeks of such running without incident, before public use can be permitted, and some are still predicting a September start!

  5. davd john freeman says:

    Now trams are going “all the way” they show either CLIFTON SOUTH or TOTON LANE … only next tram time indicators at stops say that it is still a test service in operation … perhaps a tram that isn’t empty will be the only way to really know when they are “up and running”

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