In Picture: Midland Metro Urbos3 on test

Testing and driver training of the Midland Metro CAF built Urbos 3 trams has stepped up a notch recently with evening runs of the trams a regular occurrence. One such occasion was on the evening of 5th June when Mike Ballinger was out with his camera and caught 19 at Bilston.

As well as these test/training runs there will be a chance for members of the public to take a closer look at one of the trams again, this time at Wolverhampton St George’s. One of the Urbos 3’s will be at the terminus on Saturday 14th June between 0900 and 1500 with Metro and Centro staff on hand to answer any questions from the public. You may remember that this is the second time that one of the trams has been open to the public following on from 20’s visit to Birmingham Snow Hill on 5th April.

19 heads away from Bilston Central back towards Wednesbury on 5th June with a test/training run. (Photo: Mike Ballinger)

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  1. paul says:

    Cant wait for the new trams to enter services most days the t69s have been going out of service.

    i would love to see wednesbury – Sutton Coldfield using former railway lines. i would love to see the track from new street to broad st elevated in the air so if and when extended to five ways it is like the l-train in America. Then there is no moving utility supplies.

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