NET Phase Two safety campaign launched

Taylor Woodrow Alstom, the contractor in charge of construction of Nottingham Express Transit Phase Two, have launched a new safety campaign as the overhead lines start to be installed on the new lines due to open at the end of the year. Work is now underway to install the overhead with The Meadows the first place to see this work undertaken.

Explaining the campaign, Michael Anderson, Project Director at Taylor Woodrow Alstom, said: “We are providing local residents with safety information as we begin to energise the overhead lines in order to power trams during testing and for when services get underway. It is important to treat the power lines as ‘live’ at all times. Trams are one of the safest forms of transport and we want to work with the community to ensure they stay that way.”

Leaflets are being distributed in areas served by the new lines and special Community Liaison teams will be visiting local schools to make sure that the safety message gets out there.

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