Farewell T68 tour confirmed for Monday 26th May

The very last chance to ride on one of the original T68 fleet on Manchester Metrolink will take place on Monday 26th May when one of the vehicles will run a special tour in aid of charity. Details have not been revealed as to which LRV(s) will be used but just 180 tickets are available (which suggests that it may be more than one T68 in action) for the tour which will depart Piccadilly at 1030 before visiting all of the classic network: Altrincham, Bury and Eccles.

The vehicles will be driven by drivers who drove the first trams back in 1992 and to add to the occasion they will be wearing their original uniforms.

Non-refundable tickets are available on a strictly first come, first served basis by going to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/t68-farewell-journey-tickets-11537806891 (this page also gives a countdown of how many tickets remain, at the time of writing it is 114). Tickets cost £20 and can be exchanged on the day of the tour for special commemorative day passes which will provide travel across the entire Metrolink network for the whole day. Any participants are advised that the tour will leave Piccadilly Station at 1030 prompt and to congregate at the mezzanine level of the Metrolink stop to exchange their tickets in plenty of time so they don’t miss out on this last ever trip. All proceeds from the tour will go to TfGM’s chosen charities: The Christie and Francis House Hospice.

And if you haven’t yet got your copy of “Superb: A Tribute to the Manchester Metrolink T68 and T68A Light Rail Vehicles” this will be the ideal chance as the authors of the book, Andrew Coward and John Henderson, will be on hand to sell and sign copies.

Peter Cushing, TfGM Metrolink Director, said: “The T68s have enormous historical significance and have played a major role in re-establishing light rail onto the UK’s streets. Over the ensuing years Metrolink has experienced unprecedented growth and has provided the blueprint for several other cities that have followed Manchester’s lead by introducing tramways onto their streets. I’m sure that this will be reflected in the popularity of the event which has provided an excellent opportunity to raise money for two fantastic causes.”

Chris Coleman, Managing Director of Metrolink RATP Dev Limited (MRDL), added: “The retirement of the T68 tram from service marks a significant milestone in Metrolink’s history and for public transport in general in Greater Manchester.

“Over the past two decades, the vehicles have served the region well, transporting tens of thousands of customers every day, so it’s only fitting they should have an appropriate send off. The day looks set to be a great success and our employees have been keen to support the event with two of our drivers, who have been with the company for more than 20 years, dusting off their old uniforms and volunteering to drive on the day. As well as this two of our Control Room operators will be there on the day too to sell and sign copies of the 200 page book they’ve co-authored on the history of the T68 tram. All the money raised from sales of this book will go to Bury Hospice.”

If you want to reserve your place on this last ever tour don’t hesitate as when all 180 tickets are sold that will be it – the chance will be gone!

* If anyone who attends the event would like to send photos through to us we would be very grateful as again British Trams Online is double booked!

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13 Responses to Farewell T68 tour confirmed for Monday 26th May

  1. John Hewitt says:

    Just thought readers might like to be taken back to the FIRST day of operation on the Metro:




    Enjoy the nostalgia!

    Best wishes to all.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    That’s my place booked!

  3. Ken Walker says:

    Just a pity that they chose to run it on one of the days when the heritage trams are running in Blackpool.

  4. Bob Hayes says:

    Many thanks for this info. The tickets are going like the proverbial hotcakes!

  5. Ken Walker says:

    Only 13 tickets left at 12.30 today

  6. Anthony Williams says:

    See you there

  7. nigel says:

    Now sold out, anyone know which vehicles will be used ?

    • John West says:

      I believe it’ll be a double unit, consisting in part of 1007.

      • Dave B says:

        I’ve also heard 1007 suggested, but also heard 2003 mentioned, however I dont believe a T68 can run in multiple with a T68a so unless they run seperately, one of those rumours is wrong!

        Whatever cars run I don’t care, it going to be a fantastic Weekend. 167 in Blackpool on the Sunday, then this trip on Monday. What a contrast but both special trams in their own way!

  8. Neil S says:


    Have any timings been published yet? If not is it known in what order the three lines will be visited?


  9. James Jones says:

    Does anyone know the route it will take? I live close to Cornbrook so if goes to Eccles or Alty first it will pass through about 10:40 I guess, ot it may go to Bury first?

  10. Dave B says:

    Heard 2 different rumours.

    Bury – Altringham – Eccles the order they opened in, or

    Altringham – Bury – Eccles to avoid reversing at Cornbrook

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