Can you identify this photo?

Can you help to identify when and where this photograph was taken? We have been contacted by the grandson of William Stirzaker trying to discover when and where the photo was taken. William was a wheelwright employed by Dick Kerr and then English Electric in Preston and can be seen in this photo (standing to the left of the tram in the flat cap). As part of his job he travelled around the country delivering and commissioning new and refurbished trams and another photo shows him in Dover. Any help would be greatly received by Richard Stirzaker and if you can help please contact us and we will pass the information on.


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  1. Clem Fallows says:

    I beleive this could be Portsmouth Corporation car 114 being delivered in November 1920, cars 105 – 116 were built by English Electric. The cars were delivered by rail to Cosham goods yard and unloaded, the upper and lower deck bodies were taken by road whilst the trucks were towed to the depot by works car. The cars were assembled in the works which were adjacent to the depot at Glady Ave, North End. the car ran until 1936 when the tramway was closed. This building has now been demolished.

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