In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 209 receives all over advert

It is becoming incredibly hard to keep up with all the livery changes on Nottingham Express Transit at the moment as 209 has now received advertising vinyls to change its Christmas livery into an all over advert for Interski. The white and blue base colours of its Christmas livery remain but the centre section has received full height vinyls with the two end sections also receiving Interski adverts.

209 seen at Old Market Square carrying its new all over advert for Interski. As can be seen two of the five cars of the tram have received no extra vinyls at all with the two end cars only receiving limited adverts.

A close-up of the centre car Interski advert on 209.

Another look at 206 in its new advert for e-on. Note that the advertising vinyls are actually covering the side destination indicators! (All photos: Bob Gell)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit 209 receives all over advert

  1. Patrick says:

    The Interski ad must be a first on a British tram in having one of those digital panels (forget what you call them!), that you point your smartphone at to access their site. It’s on the right hand wheel cover.

  2. John Gilbert says:

    It is appalling that complete windows of trams are being covered with advertisements. Is this happening to buses as well I wonder, or is it just the trams which are being disfigured in this dreadful way? KEEP THOSE WINDOWS CLEAR!!!!

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