Picture in Time: Newcastle 102

A tram which we’re hoping to see in service this year is the feature of this edition of “Picture in Time”.

Taken in 1980 we are at Crich’s Town End terminus for this photo as Newcastle 102 waits in between workings along the line with a member of the crew also posing for the image to be captured on film. The track layout here remains familiar although in the background there have been changes to what is on offer at Crich.

Newcastle 102 has not run in normal passenger service since 2000 when it was withdrawn from service but a Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation backed restoration project has been ongoing for a number of years wit the hope that this will come to an end this year and the tram will be able to re-enter service for first time in 24 years at some point. The tram was built in 1901 and would remain in service in Newcastle until withdrawal came in 1949. It would end up going all the way into the New Forest, Hampshire from 1958 until 1967 when it was displayed at Beaulieu before the chance came for it to be restored to service. This was completed by 1975 after which it enjoyed a 25 year period in action at Crich until its aforementioned withdrawal in 2000.

Photograph by John Moore, 1980

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