Picture in Time: Blackpool Railcoach 618

We have time for one more “Picture in Time” photo from Blackpool.

A couple of weeks ago we featured OMO 13 in a shot at Fleetwood Ferry and we’re back to the same location for the same tram this time out – but in its previous life! Second Series English Electric Railcoach 618 had been rebuilt in 1968 with tapered ends which had allowed its seating capacity to be increased and its new shape would provide the inspiration for the OMO cars (of which it was to become the last member of in 1976).

This undated photo shows 618 at Fleetwood Ferry ahead of it running south to Starr Gate. Its got a trolley, roof advertising boxes and the Corporation crests on the bodyside.

Photograph by Tony Stevenson

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  1. Malcolm Bury says:

    Once launched into service in this guise, I recall many referring to it as the ‘coffin tram’ given its shape! lol

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