In Pictures: Agricultural Power from the Past at Beamish

This years Agricultural Power from the Past event at Beamish saw transport take more of a back seat than in recent years but that didn’t mean that the trams weren’t out in force. Of course this included the final runs in the UK of Blackpool Boat 233 which has been sold by the Lancastrian Transport Trust for a quick buck. With thanks to Steve Kemp and John Woodman we can bring you a few photos from the event showing the trams at work during the event.

Starting on 29th August and we see Blackpool 233 in the Town doing what it does best - being enjoyed by the public on a nice day. (Photo: John Woodman)

Passengers leave and passenger join 233 at the Entrance. (Photo: John Woodman)

Another full load for 233 as it prepares to depart the Entrance stop. Scenes like this in its home country are now a thing of the past thanks to the greed of its owners. (Photo: John Woodman)

On 30th August now and we see the stunning Oporto 196 outside the depot with Blackpool 31 and Grimsby & Immingham 26 visible behind in the depot itself. (Photo: Steve Kemp)

Newcastle 114 leaves the town still carrying its 40th anniversary advert boards. (Photo: Steve Kemp)

The Lancastrian Transport Trust's other tram at Beamish "Sunderland 101" arrives at the Entrance. This tram is now in the third year of its five year loan.(Photo: Steve Kemp)

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  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Sad that the boat will next appear on the Embarcadero under the palm trees. Was there a furore in Oporto when their trams were sold abroad?

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