In Pictures: West Midlands Metro services disrupted after car finds way onto the tracks at St Chads

If its not one thing its another disrupting services on the West Midlands Metro. Sunday 27th November saw disruption for the service and it was no fault of the trams as a car was driven onto the tracks becoming stuck just beyond the stop at St Chads – and the first attempts to rescue it were thwarted as well.

The white Volkswagen Polo was driven onto the tracks at around 0200 on Sunday 27th November and having made its way along the grassed track between Bull Street and St Chads it continued beyond the stop where the nice paved section ends and the car then became firmly stuck on the tracks.

The first attempts to rescue the car didn’t succeed either as attempts were made with a couple of pick-up trucks which when trying to drive along the grassed section of track at Snow Hill become bogged down and couldn’t make it down to the location of the car. Eventually a road-rail vehicle was called to the scene at around 1430 which allowed the car to be removed.

From the start of service West Midlands Metro services ran from Wolverhampton St Georges to St Chads only and then from 1430 the Birmingham end of the line became St Pauls to allow the car to be removed. It was confirmed at 1735 that trams would be able to run through to Edgbaston Village again.

The car has well and truly got itself wedged at the crossover to the St Pauls side of St Chads stop. It looks like it hit the points here with a bit of a jolt as the air bag seems to have gone off as it did. 46 prepares to gingerly make its way passed the stricken car.

A view as 18 arrives at St Chads. The car seems to have also lost a wheel with part of the bumper also laying by the side of the tracks.

Passengers disembark from 18 and have to continue their journey into the city centre by foot.

The results of the first attempts at rescue can be seen here with the grass churned up.

There was also damage caused to the paving here. The No Entry Except Trams signs located here don’t seem to have done the trick. (All Photographs by Andy Walters, 27th November 2022)

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  1. Pablo says:

    Hope the bill for the pick up trucks as been passed to the idiotic car driver.

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