More evening running dates for the Volk’s Electric Railway

The Volk’s Electric Railway Association have announced four dates when they will take over operation of the railway along Brighton seafront for evening operation in 2022. The railway usually closes early evening but on these special dates trains will continue further into the evening.

The four dates for 2022 are:

  • Sunday 3rd July
  • Sunday 31st July
  • Sunday 28th August
  • Sunday 25th September

Anyone who wants to travel any distance is advised to contact the railway by phoning 01273 292 718 on each evening as adverse weather will mean the evening running is cancelled (and event years of these runs have seen several cancelled as it appears the bad weather waits until there is evening running!)

Hopefully by the time of these evening runs the Volk’s Electric Railway will be running all the way again. It currently remains curtailed to the Aquarium to Halfway section whilst works continue towards Black Rock with a new boardwalk being constructed along with new crossings over the railway.

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