In Pictures: One tram arrives and another enters service in Manchester

Its been another busy few days on Manchester Metrolink with another M5000 being delivered to Queens Road Depot whilst another enters service on the network. This time it is 3141 which has arrived with 3139 the latest to enter service for the first time.

Firstly to the delivery and 3141 arrived at Queens Road Depot on Saturday 14th May. As with all previous deliveries from Bombardier and now Alstom it entered the UK at Hull Docks and then made the journey across to Manchester. Its arrival at Queens Road Depot was just before 1130.

Soon unloaded (no lorry problems this time!) it is now starting its commissioning process to enter service over the next month or so.

When it does enter service it will now join 3139 which has become the latest to be commissioned. Although its not known its definite first day in service it was running on Saturday 14th May. 3139 had been delivered 11th April 2022. 3140 (delivered 30th April 2022) has yet to enter service.

There are now just six further deliveries to come and provided nothing goes awry all should be in the UK well before the end of the year and you would expect all to have entered service by then as well.

3141 makes the sharp turn on the final approach to its new home.

A side-on view of the tram as it arrives in Manchester. (Both Photographs by Ben Worsley, 14th May 2022)

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