In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 272 goes back to The Royal Highland Show

In what is only the second new advert of 2022 to be stuck onto an Edinburgh tram, 272 has returned to a previous sponsor in receiving vinyls for this year’s Royal Highland Show. In the usual format (full height on sections 3 and 5, above windows on the other sections) this advert urges you to “get back into the saddle” as well as being “200 years in the making”.

The Royal Highland Show is no stranger to adverts on Edinburgh Trams with 261 carrying adverts for the Royal Highland Show Trampede in 2017, 276 in 2018 and 272 in 2019.

Since 272 lost its previous Royal Highland Show adverts in July 2019 it has advertised Audi (July 2019-July 2020) and John Lewis (October 2020-May 2022). This is now its fifth different advert since receiving its first in August 2017.

A full shot of tram 272 with an advert for The Royal Highland Show which has a history going back 200 years, taken at West End tramstop and heading for Airport.

One of the full height designs.

The other full height section of the tram.

The remaining sections of the tram have adverts at cant rail level only. (All Photographs by John Hampton, 13th May 2022)

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