LRSSB’s annual report puts successful safety projects in the spotlight

The Light Rail Safety and Standards Board annual report has highlighted the successful delivery of a wide range of projects aimed at further enhancing light rail safety over the past year. From the publication of updated guidance documents to the development of a comprehensive risk management model the organisation has managed to meet all their objectives in 2021/2022 despite the obvious restrictions of Covid.

In the report the LRSSB’s Chief Executive, Carl Williams, sets out the steps that have been taken to implement recommendations made the RAIB following the investigation into the Sandilands accident as we well showing that there has been an extensive review of the existing Tramway Principles and Guidance document, which is the cornerstone of light rail safety.

The past year has also seen the organisation invest in research and development focused on new technologies which will ensure the sector remains focused on existing and emerging risks.

Mr Williams said: “All this has been achieved while helping to lead on the sector’s response to the pandemic, promoting best practice that has helped operators keep customers and employees safe. As a result, we needed to prioritise some activities, but to deliver nearly 90 per cent of our original plan for the year represents an outstanding achievement. This contribution to light rail safety has already been recognised by the Office of Rail and Road in its recent report into the LRSSB’s work to date, and we are now looking forward to an ambitious delivery programme that will be outlined in our next business plan, due for publication later this month.”

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