Can you help the Brighton Tram 53 Society?

Whilst we often look at tram restoration with the larger more visible groups there are also many small groups of volunteers in various locations around the country who are involved in restoring trams and one of those can be found on the South Coast. Restoring the last remaining passenger tram from the Brighton Corporation Tramways system, the Brighton Tram 53 Society have been making excellent progress but have now become stuck and so need some help with acquiring some parts.

Brighton tram no. 53 was built in 1937 and with the Brighton Corporation Tramways system closing just two years later it has very little use before withdrawal. As with so many other trams it was sold on for further use with 53 becoming a shed on a farm in West Sussex. It remained there until the 1970s and then spent a further three decades stored in a shed.

Then in 2010 the Brighton Tram 53 Society was formed with the intention of restoring the tram back to its original condition. Work has been taking place since and excellent progress has made in restoring the tram over the past few years.

Recently they have been installing the air brakes but they are now stuck as they don’t have any air brake, valve/handles. 53 would have been fitted with Westinghouse ones but if others are available the Society would also be interested in that. They are prepared to pay a fair price if the right set was to become available. Eventually they will need two for the wheel and track brake but one pair will get them started now.

If anyone can help you can either pass your message on to us and we will forward it or you can head to Facebook and contact the Society directly at

  • The Brighton Tram 53 Society also own Works Vehicle no. 1 which is stored in the same location whilst work on 53 continues.
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