Seats for new Metro trains arrive in north-east

The first samples of the seats that will be installed in the new trains for the Tyne and Wear Metro have arrived in the region and they have now been stored by Nexus along with the life-sized Metro cab mock-up, with the hope that both will be able to be put on public display next year at a series of roadshows.

Both the linear-style seats and the extra tip-up seats have been delivered along with the seat coverings which will incorporate the iconic Metro “M” logo. The seats are being manufactured in the UK by Transcal.

The first of the new Metro trains – being built by Stadler – are due to arrive in 2022 for testing and is then scheduled to enter service in 2023. They will be 15 times more reliable than the current fleet and will cut energy consumption by 30%. There will be improved internet connectivity, charging points, air conditioning and a step-change in accessibility.

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2 Responses to Seats for new Metro trains arrive in north-east

  1. David says:

    The new policy adopted by Nexus, Muni Metro and probably others seems to be about trying to cram as many people onto the trains as possible. I can see the point on underground railways where one has nothing to look at out the window but for metro systems which operate above ground for much of their mileage, facing sideways on say a journey from Newcastle to Sunderland is not something I will enjoy doing.

    • Gareth Prior says:

      It seems to be the way of all modern public transport. You only have to look at modern trams across the UK to see how much space is provided for standing and what little seating there is has very little comfort (with some notable exceptions)!

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