In Pictures: Progress continues on track relay in Birmingham City Centre

The project to relay the tracks along Bull Street and Corporation Street in Birmingham City Centre has been continuing in recent days with good progress being made which will soon allow the track to be laid on the new track bed.

The work in Birmingham City Centre is two-fold: there is this work to relay the existing tramway while the chance is also being taken to prepare to connect the new Birmingham Eastside extension to the current line. That second part of the project – which will see trams running along Lower Bull Street just beyond where tracks currently curve from Bull Street to Corporation Street – is making decent progress although is still at an earlier stage so we concentrate here on the track relay.

Since work commenced at the end of July the old track from Bull Street stop and along Corporation Street was ripped up all the way down to the track bed. After attention to the track bed a new base has been put down and it has now reached the stage where much of the track is ready to be put back into position. Even though it seems as if there has been good progress there won’t be trams running along this way until October.

Much of Corporation Street now looks like this with track laid on top really for its actual installation. This view is looking towards the junction with Bull Street. The track to Bull Street stop goes to the left with Lower Bull Street heading up to the right with curved track just seen running from Corporation Street here. (Photograph by Mark Cufflin, 25th August 2021)

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