In Pictures: A trip to Crich during August

Another pictorial article with the photos this time coming from the Crich Tramway Village. Whole special events have now returned to the museum for most of the week it remains the standard three tram service with it no longer the requirement to book tram rides at admission, although it is still boarding only at Town End. This article contains photos taken by Keith Chadbourne.

A queue of passengers wait to board Blackpool Boat 236 at Town End before it departs for a trip up the line to Glory Mine and back.

With there only two open toppers currently available for service 236 and London County Council 106 have seen plenty of use. On 20th August we see the London car pulling forward to the loading stop at Town End.

Again at Town End on 20th August and Boat 236 is just setting off with fellow Blackpool car, Brush Railcoach 630, behind. 630 has been commissioned for driver training. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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