Around the World in Trams: Prague 8261

“Around the World in Trams” again visits Prague for another view of a Tatra tram in service.

This image was again taken during November 2017 and shows no. 8261 just arriving at the stop with “Sluzebni Jizda” on the destination screen which according to Google translate means “Business Ride”! 8261 is in the maroon and silver livery applied to some of the T3R.PLF sub-class of Tatras. And that is what 8261 is, a T3R.PLF, with it being rebuilt like this in 2007. This class includes a section of low floor to aid access.

Photograph by John Hibbert

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4 Responses to Around the World in Trams: Prague 8261

  1. John Hibbert says:

    No – I’m not sure what it really means either. Maybe its either “Reserved” or an abrupt Czech way of saying “Sorry not in service”.

    Anyone know?

    • revihr says:

      I think “works journey” is probably more accurate and is used forout of service trams or trams on test. Some cities follow it with “Nenastupovat” which means “Do not board” or precede it with “prominte” which means “sorry”. John’s suggestion of “Sorry not in service” is probably the most accurate colloquial translation

  2. Michael Morton says:

    The correct translation is “Works” (jizda) “Service (sluzebni) and the “exclamation in triangle” is used in lieu of the service number meaning “not available”.

    Therefore, the whole thing does effectively say, as John Hibbert’s translation, “Sorry, not in service”.

  3. Michael Morton says:

    In addition, whilst it is still fairly difficult to get to Czechia at the moment, photographs of these excellent cars in the maroon and silver livery will become increasingly rare.
    8284 and 8285 were delivered in standard red and primrose and 8252 and 8267 have already been so treated on repaint. The rest of the original 33 (8251 to 8283) are following (two are in the paintshop now) and 8286-8288, the first of a batch of a further 35 (8286-8299 and 8200 to 8220) have already been delivered in standard red and primrose.
    dpp is now using “duplicate numbers” for the first time with second hand KT8D5 cars taking numbers from former RT6N1 cars (9101-9105), and some of the 8200 to 8220 batch will replace former experimental T3 cars.

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