Tram availability leads to service reduction on Metrolink

This article has been updated since original publication.

Manchester Metrolink has been running a mainly Sunday service across the network on Monday 26th July because of tram availability problems. A 12 minute service – mainly using single trams – was in operation on all core lines with the intermediate services not in service.

43 trams were found to be damaged in overnight maintenance checks. KeolisAmey Metrolink were working as quickly as possible to bring extra trams back into service and also to identify the infrastructure fault which caused it. No details of what the fault is on these trams has been revealed.

With a reduced number of trams and a lower service frequency passengers were being advised to walk, cycle or use other modes of transport where possible. Metrolink tickets could be used on local bus services.

Alex Cropper, TfGM Interim Head of Operations, said: “The operator has had to launch a much-reduced service after finding damage to over 40 trams during overnight maintenance and we’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to people’s journey today. KAM engineers are now carrying out inspections to identify what has caused the damage – but given the size of the network this might take some time. I’d like to reassure everyone that we are working extremely hard – in already very challenging circumstances – to resolve this issue, but it will have an impact on both the frequency and capacity available on the network. Staff will be out to support passengers, and we have put ticket acceptance in place across the network so customers can use local bus and train services to make their journey. We will keep people updated throughout the day, but please plan your journey in advance and, if you can, consider walking, cycling, or using other modes of transport.”

Update: Following repairs and further checks to the trams a normal Metrolink service resumed from the start of service on Tuesday 27th July, although there are cancellations due to driver availability. The Eccles line also remains closed due to trackworks while all trams between East Didbsury and Rochdale Town Centre (and Shaw & Crompton) are running via 1CC and not 2CC, this is down to trackworks at Victoria.

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